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Dehumidify: Want to cut down on mold growth in your bathroom grout and shower tracks? Keep your bathroom exhaust fan running while you take a bath or shower and for 30 minutes afterward. It helps eliminate excess mold.

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Congratulations to Kathleen Rudeen! She won the Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner from Vacuum Dealers trade Association's drawing for international spring cleaning month in March. Thanks for being a faithful customer Kathleen

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This works! I actually quit using fabric softener with the towels. Fabric softener creates a barrier that laundry soap cannot penetrate causing your towels to sour. When you use vinegar and baking soda it breaks up that barrier. 

Cool down and filter: Air conditioning does more than keep your home cool. It allows you to keep windows closed so dust stays outdoors. If you like to keep windows open, use window filters that keep airborne particulates and dust out of your home.  look for them at your local hardware store —they also keep out pollen!
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Stop dirt in its track: Your best home investment in summer, bar none, is a sturdy nylon mat—one for each doorway. A no-shoes rule also helps cut down on dirt; create shelving near an entrance where shoes can be left and retrieved easily.

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​​​​​​​​​​​Pet Stains and Odors on Carpet Removal Guide

Don't rip out your carpet! Save it with solutions and tips from the professionals! Learn the simple, money saving secrets to getting rid of pet odor's & stains once and for all.

Spill-free refrigerators: Place shelf liners, available in grocery stores, in your refrigerator drawers. When they become soiled, just replace them and wipe the sides and fronts of the drawers clean—no need to take the drawers out of the fridge.