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Ah Carpet...It's soft, warm,​​and can really pull a room

together. It's also a great home for crumbs, dirt, pet hair and

allergens. So how do you choose between your sweet, cozy carpeting and eliminating the dust bunny colony under the bed? Don't! An American-made Simplicity upright vacuum will trap all of those nasty surprises and bring you back to carpet paradise.

     you spend a big chunk of your day rigging broken plastic vacuums? Have duct tape and zip ties become your best friends? Simplicity commercial vacuums can help you spend more time making money and less time in the repair shop. The Freedom lightweight commercial vacuums are

ideal for when you just don’t want to lug around a heavy vacuum. They’re just what you need for homes and buildings with lots of stairs and long hallways. 

​simplicity vacuums:

Don't believe it? Try it out for yourself and

say good-bye to deep down dirt and those sore muscles

from hauling around your old vacuum.

​In fact, the Freedom out cleans America's best cleaning 8-pound vacuums by almost 40%*.

Both Clean Air and Direct Air Motor Systems In-Tandem 

When you combine the best of both worlds you reach a level of clean you didn’t even know existed. The revolutionary Tandem Air Technology utilizes both the clean air and direct air motor
systems – in tandem – to create the first and only vacuum cleaner to

provide  exceptional carpet cleaning, advanced filtration and  the convenience of powerful  on-board tools in one machine. Mind blown!

​​​On Board Tools for Dirt that Hides Over, Under & in Between 

When you think of the 80's you probably remember big bangs and leg warmers. We remember the revolution in the vacuum cleaners that started the Simplicity brand... on-board tools! Almost all uprights you see eventoday with on-board tools are know to vacuum geeks as Clean Air machines. 


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While it got its name based on the placement of the motor in the cleaning path, what you need to know is if you are looking for powerful on-board tools to pull dirt out of every little nook and cranny and want fantastic filtration,then you want a Clean Air vacuum. Plus, Simplicity Clean Air machines are just
 jam-packed with metal components in the high wear areas so your vacuum will last waaaay longer than your infatuation with the Rubik's Cube.

Want More Info? Give Us A Call 208-898-2556

Want More Info? Give Us A Call 208-898-2556


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But That's Not All

Like all Simplicity vacuums, Tandem Air vacuums are built to last with metal where it matters most. Plus, it’s coupled with a sleek design that not only looks good but maneuvers even better. The Tandem Air Technology is exclusive to Simplicity Synergy and Synchrony upright vacuums and these beauties are waiting for a test drive.

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is focused on one thing: building

exceptional vacuums.

We know you may be used to buying a

new vacuum every year,

and we’re here to stand for a change. As our name implies,

we don’t believe that adding gadgets and gizmos is the way to

accomplish this goal. Instead, engineers and structural designers scrutinize every 

detail of our vacuums.In the end, each element is the best it can be.

Don’t know much about quality vacuums? Have no-fear-Simplicity is here to save you

from another bad vacuum! It’s Simple. Build the Best Vacuums. 

​​​​​All of the Muscle, None of the Weight 
The motor sits low in the nozzle and seems to scare the dirt right out

of your carpet. As the brushroll spins, it shakes the dirt loose from the carpet and whisks it into the air stream where it is then trapped in the bag, never to be seen again.We call our Direct Air vacuum the Freedom; you'll call it a super awesome dirt sucker. And while the Freedom weighs less than

                                                                                          a gallon of milk - even skim milk - it's worth

                                                                                          its weight in gold for deep down cleaning. 

For those jobs requiring a little extra reach, the Symmetry clean air vacuums are what you need. They feature HEPA media filtration, on-board tools, and steel brushrolls and bottom plates.  Compare all commercial models to find out which one best suits your business.

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